ABC Educational Center
At ABC Educational Center were are committed to quality in everything we do. We know that selecting the right child care provider can be an overwhelming task. It will be one of the most important decisions you'll make, because the early years of child care are critical to your child's long-term development. At our day care center you and your child will receive the personal attention that we believe is necessary to enhance a trusting relationship. As a parent, you will receive the highest quality care for your child in a setting where your child's social, physical, emotional and intellectual development will be nurtured.

At ABC Educational Center we understand the importance of appropriate educational experiences and their role in the success of children as they develop and grow. We offer a variety of developmentally educational programs to help prepare your child for the challenges of the next grade and beyond.

Develop large and small muscles
Increase conceptual and language skills
Advance manipulative and creative abilities
Experience interactions with adults and peers
Develop self-discipline, self-help, and social skills
Build wholesome attitudes about self and others
Gain skills in meeting and solving problems
And more